How To Increase Sales On Amazon

And so you have become an Amazon seller, possibly you had some sales, but you know you can do more, much more. So the question you have in your head is “how to increase sales on Amazon?” You know that Amazon sales growth is what you need to be successful, and you know it is possible.

There are two factors that we need to look at to know how to increase sales on Amazon:
- increase Amazon web traffic
- increase conversion rate

As a matter of fact, these are the two factors that are valid for any online business, so let’s take a look at them in more detail.

Increasing Amazon Traffic

Amazon sales growth is primarily driven by the increasing web traffic. For example if you know from you Amazon stats that 2% of those who view your product actually buy it, and you have 100 views a month, you are selling 2 items per month. With simple math, if you have 1000 viewers, you will sell 20 items a month.

There are a number of ways on how you build your Amazon web traffic, and as a result how to increase Amazon sales.

  • Niche Blog – is by far the most useful way employed to increase your Amazon web traffic. There are number of reasons for it. First of all, it is not difficult to start a blog, second of all this ad will always stay there, and it works because search engines will pick up on keywords (such as your product name), and create organic traffic – which is the best kind of traffic, which means you know how to increase sales on Amazon.
  • Video Marketing – works better for some types of products than other. Featuring a toy or some buzzer vs. showing a book is a great example. Videos work for products that require action. However some Amazon sellers are not very comfortable with recording themselves or their family on video.
  • Social Marketing – is usually a support tool for the previous two ways of how to increase sales on Amazon. People rarely talk about a product itself, but rather may share a link with a friend about an interesting article or video (be it informative or funny).
  • Paid Ads – is a non-organic way to increase Amazon web traffic in the attempt to achieve Amazon sales growth. Basically you pay to others (for example Google with their Adwords program) to show links or banners with your product. When someone clicks on the ad, you pay. If no purchase is made, you still pay. You need to have some cash on hand, and be sure that the added traffic actually convert into sales, which is our next topic on how to increase sales on Amazon.
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Increasing Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is how many viewers actually buy your product. If a person is trying to find a book on how to train cats, chances are they are not very likely to purchase a toy helicopter. In this case, if you are a toy helicopter seller, the cat-lover most likely never even fell into a category of “potential buyers”.

If you wonder how to increase sales on Amazon – you need not only increase the incoming web traffic, but also have it targeted. The “targeting” is usually done by the sphere of interest – be it young parents, art lovers, fashion followers, or whatever else. Amazon itself helps you in two ways: 1) it has product categories to browse, and 2) a totally random buyer may see your product in the section “People who bought this, also bought this”. But do not rely on this too much. You have to take it in your own hands in order to see Amazon sales growth for your product.

Paid ads and social marketing do a great job in increasing your conversion rate for the following reasons: ad providers do not place ads in random places, but try to put it on websites with a similar topics; people share things that they like with other people with same interests.

How helps you increase Amazon Sales

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- First wave of interested individuals step in to see more details. Some may buy, some may re-twit it to their friends.
- In a meanwhile, search engines crawl our website and add information about your product to their search results. Other internet users find it, which creates organic traffic.
- Any visitor may twit about it, post about your product on their facebook wall, digg it, etc. They share information about your product with others who have similar interests, which increases the conversion rate.
- Result: increased Amazon sales growth.

Best of all, once again, it is free, and this review will be directing traffic indefinitely.

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