Skilcraft U.S. Government Retractable Ball Point, , Med Black

These SKILCRAFT pens have a very rigorous specification as far as pens
go and they are assembled in the United States of America by blind
Americans. You get quite a lot of pen for a very reasonable price.

You may think very little of the pens that the government and military
use but, it turns out that there is an extensive series of
requirements for the manufacturing of these pens. So many that it’s
kind of bizarre. Blind workers assemble these pens in Wisconsin in
part due to a 72 year old legislative mandate. About 4 million of
these pens are manufactured every year, and demand remains consistent
despite the fact that their design hasn’t been upgraded in four
decades. Why change a good thing?

As detailed in a 16 page document, the pens come with a unique
American-made brass refill cartridge that must be able to write
without skipping or smearing continuously for a mile and in
temperatures up to 160 degrees and as low as 40 below zero. The pens
are also designed to fit undetected into US military uniforms, can
stand in for a two inch fuse, and can be used for an emergency

The program that these pens where first manufactured under dates back
to The Great Depression. In the 1930′s, an act called the Wagner-O’Day
Act was passed that required the federal government to buy products
made by the blind. This program gave blind Americans the opportunity
to make a fair wage and become tax payers vs. tax takers and created
jobs for a group of people for whom jobs were very scarce. Eventually,
these organizations that utilized blind labor grew to include pens and
many other products and services.

This particular ballpoint pen has black ink in a medium point with a
retractable refillable. The pen is designed to write almost anywhere
regardless of climate or altitude! This is a rugged, yet economic
“Workhorse” for the U.S. Government and Military and Commercial
customers around the world. The next time you are tempted to think
that writing instruments don’t have the staying power of other
products remember the SKILCRAFT pens 40 year legacy!

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