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Staples That Was Easy Button – who doesn’t want to have one? Well-l-l… Everyone does? It is definitely a fun office toy.

Prior to 2003, American consumers knew Staples Inc. by the slogan “Yeah, we’ve got that.”, which was to represent large selection of products in its stores. In UK the slogan was slightly different, yet conveyed the same idea: “You want it. We’ve got it.”.

In 2003 the slogan “That was easy” was created and adapted by Staples Inc., and is used to present day.

That Was Easy Button first appeared in TV ads in 2005, and was quickly turned into a product. A push-button that says “That Was Easy” when pressed.

Serving in over 20 countries, Staples created multiple translations for the button: English “that was easy”, French “simple”, Spanish “fácil” and German “einfach easy”.

The design remains unchanged so far throughout the history of the button, even though depending on the angle of the picture it may appear to look somewhat different. Even though, That Was Easy Button is a very unique product, copies with some alterations were made.

That Was Easy Button became one of the most cool office toys in the last few years, gaining increasing popularity to present day.

Continous Staples ads and promotions ever remind us of it, and indeed we do want to have easier lives. Simplicity of the idea is what counts anyway. They really made it, we’d hope that was easy for them.

I actually do believe of this office toy to have a stress-reducing effect. Even when others do not appreciate you, you can put your own mind at ease by pressing the button and hearing that That Was Easy.

Yeah, you can actually easily annoy someone with the button as well. And after another “That Was Easy” a pen will fly towards you… and that is another part of the office life, isn’t it? Oh yes, there are times for the office wars.

But you know, it’s big, it’s red, and it’s round. Batteries are included. What else do you need? Yeah, that was easy.

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